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Great musicians make great luthiers. Many luthiers study how to build musical instruments without ever learning how to play one very well. They may know the theory behind instrument construction, but find themselves at a serious disadvantage when it comes to making the final critical adjustments. Only an experienced player can calibrate an instrument well enough for it to be worthy of a world-class professional.

On the other side, many performers spend a lifetime mastering their instrument. They may know how a good violin is supposed to sound and feel, but all the practicing in the world does little to train them how to properly adjust and maintain their instrument. Some of the greatest players have no idea how their violin is put together.

At Evans Violins, Michael and Harold learned how to play the violin from some of the finest performers and teachers in the world. We have studied the art of violinmaking in the old tradition of apprenticeship, and we can trace our lineage back to some of the finest makers. We have dedicated our lives to both aspects of the violin, the art of performing and the craft of repair and construction. The combination of our professional playing ability, expert craftsmanship, and a no-nonsense approach to both disciplines gives us a deep and rare understanding of our chosen field.

Rental Night, Friday September 8th:
5-7PM at Tri-North Middle School!

Come on in, no appointment necessary! Back to School Specials: Get 20% off our regular rates, free routine maintenance, and everything you need to get started: We include case, bow, rosin, method book, a polishing cloth, and a name tag for the case. Cellos also get a rubber endpin tip or rockstop.

Back to School Rental Rates (one time payment for the 2016-17 Academic Year):

Evans Violins: Important notes on our rental program

You are getting a quality instrument set up by an experienced violin maker.

Evans Violins specializes in violins, violas, cellos, and basses only. We have a master violin maker with more than thirty years of experience on staff, and we are professional string players.

If an instrument is of poor quality, or not properly set up, a student may blame themselves for not being able to play well, when the fault lies with the instrument. As professional players and luthiers, we make sure our student clients can reach their maximum potential by providing quality instruments that are adjusted to the highest standard. Our instruments are the best adjusted, the highest quality, and the best value to rent or purchase in town.

Build Equity.
At Evans Violins, we track your payments, and will apply 100% of your rental payments can be applied towards the purchase of a new instrument. (terms and conditions apply.)
Routine Maintenance is on the house.
Routine maintenance of your instrument is FREE with your rental. We cover string replacements and bow rehairs within the first three months of renting. After that, there is a nominal fee.
Unlike other shops, we do not have a “maintenance fee” attached to our rental contract. We find that it is much less expensive for clients to pay for individual string replacements as they are needed.
A note on insuring instruments:

Evans Violins does NOT cover rental instruments for damage or loss outside of our shop. We would have to charge much more to cover our instruments in this way than it costs for our clients to purchase their own insurance. Therefore, we prefer to let you decide for yourself whether or not to insure your rental.

Homeowners or renters insurance will often cover an instrument against loss due to circumstances such as fire or theft, but not always against accidental damage, especially if it occurs away from the home.

To guarantee that you are fully covered, Evans Violins recommends that you contact your insurance agent about adding a binder to your homeowner’s or renter’s policy for your instrument. A typical binder costs approximately $30 to cover an instrument worth $1,000 for an entire year.